Counseling for children, adolescents and adults

  • adolescents
  • anxiety
  • behavioral issues
  • body image
  • children
  • depression
  • EMDR
  • emotional regulation
  • family of origin
  • grief and loss
  • life transitions
  • low self-esteem
  • nightmares/flash backs
  • obsessive/ compulsive tendencies or thoughts


I treat children ages 5 and older, adolescents, and adults. Please see below or visit my other pages for more information about children, adolescents, Sandtray, EMDR and pregnancy/postpartum.



When working with children I recognize that they do not communicate in the same way that adults do. However, like adults, children can benefit from therapy. Therapy can help children learn problem solving skills and learn the value of seeking help. Therapy can help children and families cope with stress and a a variety of emotional and behavioral issues. I work with children who experience behavioral issues, problems in school, low self-esteem, ADHD, learning disorders, nightmares, bed-wetting and anxiety. I have worked with children who have ongoing medical issues to address anxiety around past procedures or surgeries and to help prepare for future procedures and doctor visits.



Teenagers need to talk! Typically during this stage, adolescents become more independent. They learn about their identities by experimenting with new behaviors and roles. Often times this can lead to strain in the parent-adolescent relationship. Therapy is a great place for teenagers to develop emotional intelligence and coping skills necessary for living a healthy life. I encourage teenagers to create a safe space for themselves in therapy and to be authentic and open with the comfort of knowing that what they discuss will not end up on social media. I work with teenagers on self-harm, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, time management, mindfulness, distress tolerance, social interactions, self-esteem and self-concept.



“Often the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain”- C.G. Jung

For many the idea of therapy is daunting. To verbalize issues means to confront fearful emotions. Sandtray therapy provides a place for this often intimidating process to occur.

Sand play is hands on psychological work. A scene is created from figures and objects placed in a tray of sand. The process is guided entirely by the client who selects the figures and objects while the therapist observes. Sandtray is done in combination of talk therapy during the therapeutic process.